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I hope you like my site which recently has become all Athletics.I want to sell you a picture,not just to make money but it surely helps.I have loved sport and music all my life.I have only memories of my childhood,teenage years and University.It would be great to have those to look back on.My two children who are now grown up had plenty of opportunity to take part in sport and I hope it gave them as much pleasure as it did us as parents.They had something to do,somewhere to go to make friends.I see statistics of how many times pictures have been viewed and if many of those have been clicks by the performers themselves and it makes them feel good about themselves then i've helped in a small way.If theres anything that makes them cringe then get in touch as they can be removed.At an event I take far too many pictures as later I view them all for suitability of the site.This is time consuming.I've seen the lot now though;tears,people throwing up and even accidental idecent exposure-from an adult who hasd some new shorts.This is why editing is important but may mean it takes me some days sometimes to get them all on.
If you have a special request then get in touch via the contact bar at the top of the page where you can message me;no it will not show on the site.You can pay by cheque or cash if you are not an experienced shopper online.Just order via option B - offline order.No money changes hands until we have communicated in option B.If you are used to buying online just go right ahead.

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