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The benefits of sweating.

Some people don't run or go to the Gym because they don't like sweating ! It's actually good for you and distance runners would collapse with heat exhaustion without it but maybe not this weekend at x-c.

1- Sweating helps your body maintain proper temperature and prevents you from overheating.

2- It cleans your pores, which helps eliminate acne. Pimples come from within, and all the acne washes, lotions, and toners can’t change that. You have to clean your pores from inside out.

3- Sweating expels disease-causing toxins and wastes from your body. If you don’t get rid of these, not only can they make you sick but they will give you the most horrible BO that even deodorant can’t cover up.

4- It also kills viruses and bacteria that cannot survive in temperatures over 98.6°F.

5- Sweating and hydrating with water help flush out your kidneys and prevent kidney stones. Anyone that has ever been on their knees in excruciating pain with kidney stones will tell you this is a good idea.

6- Your sweat acts as an antibiotic on your skin for scratches and insect bites.

7- Sweating improves blood circulation, relieves stress and promotes relaxation. The ripple effect of these can be enormous, including lower blood pressure, weight loss, stronger immune function and better sleep!

So there you have it— 7 great reasons to work up a sweat!

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